Moon in Taurus


The Moon is moving against the backdrop of constellation of Taurus giving us a slow and steady approach  to things today.  There’s much emphasis on grounding,  getting comfortable and developing amiability and peace when it comes to our various stresses.

Our overarching desire right now is to make sense through the senses.  Connecting through touch,  food,  smell,  the beauty of vibration and sound and the subtle recognition of all the sublime aspects of our earthly experience.

Potentials for this energy are indulging in the following :

Good food
Good wine
Beautiful people,  friends
Sweet, sugary things.
Growing Something
Making Something
Desire to Sing
Nature as teacher,  signs from the nature Kingdom
Harmony and Symmetry

A Taurus moon makes us want to earth our desires,  make contact with real living things,  people,  places and feel good!

Abraham Hicks says “It is good to feel good”.

Til Laters,
The Kind Astrologer


Sun in Aries


When the Sun is in Aries the core self is strongly connected to the fire element and this imbues Aries with boundless energy. They are active beings, constantly needing outlets for their physical energy. This makes them active, dynamic, self willed, urgent, fast, goal orientated and highly creative beings.

Outlets for energy include: Sports, Exercise, Gym, Movement.

Without this outlet the physical energy builds and affects the body in the form of frustration,aggression and even anger and rage.

However it’s this same energy which allows Aries to be the natural leaders they are known to be. They are fast acting, good at quick decisions where other signs may deliberate for longer before acting on decisions. They effortlessly create as they go, and are good at making things happen in the physical world without too much thought.

Strengths include: Physical, Decision making, Leadership, Getting things started.

Weaknesses: Carelessness, Act first think later, Selfishness, Winning at all costs

However, with this in mind, remember that each Sunsign is one piece of a larger character puzzle, with other signs such as the Moon , Rising and Mercury playing important roles in the filtering of a pure expression of the Sun.

Getting Your Point Across with the Moon in Aries

When the Moon spends it’s monthly 2.5 days in Aries it’s hard for us to  not try to get our own objectives met. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rules self-definition on principle.  Anything that comes from the connectedness of the universe,  comes forth to  distinguish and separate itself.   That’s why Aries has a reputation for being self willed,  goal orientated,  sometimes selfish and yet also  self aware.  The energy combined with lunar energy,  the moon,  magnifies our feelings about things.  Mostly about ourselves in relation to the world.  And that’s OK,  it’s only for two or so days.  It’s balancing. 

The pitfalls with this energy come from the discord between the element of water (Moon) and the element of fire (Aries).  Fiery water is active water,  it’s turbulent and can also be destructive but there is movement,  forceful movement.  So an Aries moon can simultaneously free us and rile us up.

Positive ways to use this energy are through conscious action,  inspired action,  using your feelings to take actions,  getting on the same page,  moving things around,  open communication regardless of outcomes. Truthfulness.  No filter.  Fear less,  do more.  Doing.  Projecting . Asserting.

New Moon in Aquarius 8 February 2016


Here’s a quick look ahead for each sign (rising,sun or moon) for the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on February 8th 2016.

Scroll down for your sign:





Aquarius: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your first house of self and identity , the energy shifts to focus attention on YOU. Who you are gains some important attention now, and you may feel a sudden awakening of your spirit and energies. It’s a great time to freshen up something about yourself. Whether its a haircut, a new item of clothing that makes you shine or overall just a focus on matters of self and where that self is heading. It’s wonderful for asking yourself what your really want.

Pisces: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 12th house of self love and rest, the energy calls your attention to the ways you’ve been taking care of yourself and others. It’s very familiar energy , as the 12th house is your domain, Dear Pisces, and you may very well start a new project which can be seen as being behind the scenes, private or related to secrets of the inner self. It’s fantastic for rectifying your sleeping patterns, healing your body and generally look after yourself in the best way.

Aries: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 11th house of groups and friendship circle, the energy shifts to focus a beam of light on those you call your posse. People you identify with, and socialize with as well as bigger groups such as causes you support, companies you work with or for, and also your team at the office. This is wonderful energy for kick-starting team relating work, group projects, meetings, connecting and getting on the same page is the name of the game.

Taurus: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 10th house of career, reputation and public roles, the energy spotlights your part on your stage. Where you take front and center in some leadership capacity. It all comes down to how most people are seeing you, publicly speaking. It’s a wonderful energy for starting a new project which could catapult you to a higher rung of the ladder. This is the energy of achievements and recognition and so you could receive praise of attention for works you’ve done, a raise, or even a promotion.

Gemini: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 9th house of travel, study and beliefs, the energy awakens a fresh breeze of inspiration. This is a part of your chart where you broaden your horizons, physically, spiritually or mentally. It’s great for starting some kind of long course, a degree or even postgraduate studies. With this moon in fellow air sign Aquarius, you will surely feel very positive about the steps to come. Doors may swing open. You may consider your life from a whole new angle.

Cancer: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 8th house of intimacy, other peoples money and transformation, the energy sinks down to awaken deeper parts of your psyche and helps you look at your needs more closely. What supports you behind the scenes? This part of your chart is also about power dynamics, finances and intimate relationships. So you could become aware of something brand new awakening here, and all to serve your endeavors in the long run. It’s great for releasing stuck energy too.

Leo: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 7th house of relationships, relating,and partnerships, the energy focuses on the connection between you and your significant other(s). This is a part of your chart where you share your heart with someone, the ways in which you do this, and also rules your partner as well. So something could occur in their lives which has a direct effect on the partnership. Things like travelling for work, a new job, moving house, and more importantly and more likely brings relationship matters to the forefront. Great for getting on the same page and for moving forward together.

Virgo: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 6th house of work, routine and health, the energy shifts to a very familiar part of your chart. It’s all about work , the things you do on repeat which serves others, or is health related. So this energy opens up new pathways in terms of your working environment, exercise regimen or even diet.  You may conceive of new ways to take care of yourself or others, get a new job, or a new pair of cross trainers. Things which add to your daily routine also feature now.

Libra: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 5th house of fun, creativity and children , the energy shifts to awaken your spirit of play. This is a part of the sky where you express yourself naturally, innocently and with creative intentions. It’s great for going out with friends, feeling joy, enjoyment. It’s also wonderful for creative types who wish to start new projects or get the ball rolling with a new endeavor. This energy makes for exploration, ideas generation and realisation and even fun romantic things such as going on date.

Scorpio: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 4th house of home, family and roots, the energy pools together to ground and support you through those you consider family. You yourself may be called on to advise and support someone there. It’s also the type of energy which can signify a house move, decorating or even renovation projects and the New Moon opens up a portal for things to go your way in this regard. Another potential is the ability to go back to where you originate from, to regroup, meditate and reorientate yourself again.

Sagittarius: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 3rd house of communications, short distance or local travel, and your neighborhood, the energy shifts your attention to the here and now. You may be observing new surroundings soon, and encountering new people, places and things. You may feel like you are in information-gathering-mode. It’s a wonderful energy to short courses, learning neat skills, talking to interesting people and finding the information you need for your current endeavors. You can bump into people you haven’t seen in a while, or connect with completely new ones.

Capricorn: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 2nd house of earned income, talents, diet and things, the energy solidifies into things around you. It’s the type of energy that welcomes new ideas for generating income, honing a talent, trying a new kind of food or cutting something out of your existing diet. It’s a great energy for getting a new job with the intention of bringing in more for yourself. This part of your chart also rules your possessions and comforts and the things which make you feel secure. Expect boosts in this area, or changes which alter your material standing in some way. Very positive energy.


So there you have it guys. A quick look at the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th.Enjoy!

Til Later,

The Kind Astrologer


Full Moon in Leo @ 3 Degrees

So the moon will come to a grand climax in Leo on the 23rd of January 2016. Lately our energies have been quite “other orientated” , selfless and maybe too giving with Neptune, Mercury and the Sun dancing together in the sky.

Our sense of our own goals has really started to demand more urgency. What do you want this time around? And how are you managing your expression of that desire? This post will suggest ways this could come about for you.

My disclaimer this week is to hold your horses where action is required, or where decisions are made. Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th and therefore has you generally doing more rethinking about various parts of your life. Think about it ,sure. Research, recommit, but it needs to stay within the mental realm until he goes direct

Here’s this weeks Full Moon cheat-sheet. Read for your rising sign and sun sign if you know it.

Capricorn- Intimacy

At this moment in time, Capricorn, it’s a powerful build up to a moment of great release, bonding, sharing, usually via some kind of catharsis. Finances can come from somewhere outside of your own. Help arrives. Accept the gifts of the universe and allow this support to move you forward. Whether it’s an intimate bond, a loan, or the release of some kind of shackle.


This week’s build up has you pondering and urgently desiring to find yourself within a relationship and the full moon brings YOU fully to life in relation to someone else. Allow others to really hear and see you. The real you. You will be surprised at the good reception and feedback.


Dear Pisces, you are no stranger to giving. This week will be about the awareness you get of how much you give of yourself. Where are your energies flowing , flooding even? Is this healthy? These are the kinds of questions which the full moon should answer. Work picks up and a health issue can come up for resolution.

Aries- Fun

Coming out of a period of crazy intensity, and perhaps because of it, social isolation, you may now desire this week to let your hair down and step into fun mode. What kind of fun do you want to have? Spend time with children, playing games and doing things which allow you to enjoy life again. This will open up a doorway to more joy down the line. Make time for it.


It’s all about family, home and your space this week , Dear Taurus, where things build to a crucial moment of self realisation. Who are you in relation to your family? Do you fit?Do they? What can you do to make your home reflect your tastes, and also how can you make your space a comfortable place. How can you allow others in your home to contribute to this?


Once more , you are very familiar with dealing with sudden influxes of data and activity. Find your voice among the flurry of details flying at you is your challenge this week. With your ruling planet retrograde, you have really been a bit of a double checking, second opinion kind of mindset. Rely on your powers of editing. Whether its your words, dreams, thoughts or communications in general.

Cancer-Earning Potential

What kinds of talents can you turn into lucrative streams of abundance , Cancer? How can you apply your unique self to a desire you have to earn more? Or earn your own worth in your own eyes? These are things on your mind. You may need to get to grips with your real talents, your life skills, and the actual application of these to a pressing concern or fun project.


It’s about you now, Leo. Your reality right now may include sudden surges of environmental changes, all around you things are moving very quickly and this may seem a little jarring for a stable sign such as yourself. Know that you become a better you through this process of movement. See this as an great opportunity to turn the attention to yourself. What kinds of openings are there now to really change? Investigate. Google.

Virgo-Self Care

Hey Virgo, with your ruling planet retrograde, you could be feeling all sorts of unsettled. The full moon should allow you to get in touch with your spiritual center again and therefore set off a phase of ease and wellbeing. But only if you take the time to turn inward, relax, contemplate, go to your sacred space etc. This full moon can allow you to understand what your true needs are and how valuable they are for your life process and happiness.


It’s business as usual this week for you Libra and group involvement can start to increase around the weekend. Are you in support of this gathering? Are you asserting yourself? How do you really feel about your friends and their thoughts? Big realisations can occur now. Libran energy is about sharing and relating, and your naturally are focused on this in your lifetime. The challenge is perhaps relating to larger groups? Your circle. Find confidence on a stage, speaking up and gathering information this week and weekend.


Something comes to a head in the career sector of your sky. And this means that your contribution to something , gets put under the spotlight. You get your 15 seconds and this can set up a nice chain reaction which allows you to move forward with greater ease. Your trajectory is lined up and with just a little self confidence, a sense of openness, childlike wonder and play you can get where you next need to be. Don’t doubt your dreams. They are as real as you are.


Sagittarius- Surveying

Your natural zone of adventuring, surveying and studying is being activated by this full Moon. And this means big breakthroughs for yourself. Your journey continues after a brief sojourn. You may encounter necessary delays as mercury is still retrograde. But after the 25th its full speed ahead but with a more mature understanding and a more grounded quest for that illusive purpose. Relax into your personal truth and follow it.

New Moon in Sagittarius: Sign by Sign Scopes

So without much ado, here are the scopes for each sign for today’s New Moon 🙂

Sagittarius– This New Moon is all about you dear Sagittarius! Falling in your sector of self, identity and body. Your soul is thirsting for something fresh and new. There’s really been a lot of paring down this year, due to Saturn’s step into your sign. This may have felt like a weight, but a necessary one. However, you can enjoy this New Moon and treat yourself. Do something just for you- haircut, throw a birthday party, get a new pair of shorts for the summer. Do it, just for you. And forget all those disappointments you’ve been suffering. Trust, Dear Sag. It’s all gonna work out for you…

Capricorn– You’re almost there dearest Cap! It seems like you are coming to the end of a very long year. By that I mean it’s really run the gamut from breakups, house moves, job changes, and a definite upsurge of powerful emotions,compelling you to wipe the slate clean. Your ruling planet switched from purging Scorpio to visionary Sagittarius, and this has made you very aware of your more complex , subconscious self. The New Moon your 12th house is calling you to rest and rejuvenate, avoid chaos where possible, and really deeply connect with that silent inner core. You got this! Trust.

Aquarius– In your zone, aren’t you Aquarius? This year the energy has just intensified for you as your ruling planet held sway in rebellious, get-it-done Aries. Your thoughts, speech and communications have really become raw and unfiltered free of unnecessary editing. You are finding your unique voice. This New Moon is highlighting your groups, friendships and connections online. You may make a brand new friend, or just nestle nicely into some holiday socializing with your clique. I guess what I’m saying, Aquarius, is you have a full green light to get fully Turned Up!

Pisces- Who are you in the world, dreamy Pisces? Your ruling planet has been in your own sign, bestowing on you gifts that are unique to you and easier access to them. Your imagination, creativity,abilities, and unique alternative interests have really blossomed and you may have discovered hidden aspects of your psyche. Others have noticed this too and you can definitely feel pride! The New Moon happens upon your 10th sector of career, role, public persona. It helps you carve out a unique destiny, and will help summon all the necessary tools to make steps in that bold new direction.

Aries-Believing something new about the world these days, Aries? Now, Aries, I know you’ve been feeling a little all over the place for a year or two. And this truly serves you. Uranus moved into your sign in 2011 and has since been totally destroying and rebuilding structures in your life.  You need this awakening, so that easier, more user (you)- friendly alternatives could appear. This New Moon adds to the conversation, as you look forward to the future. Planning a Vacay? or a journey of discovery going back to school? Perhaps you are getting serious about your belief system. These are all potentials for the New Moon on the 11th. Use your new understandings to make decisions the new you would make.

Taurus-Plumbing the depths of the most secret self? There’s a lot to be said about what goes on inside our heads and lives , that people don’t really know about. That may be on purpose. I’m a firm believer that things that are new should be kept a secret until it becomes something established. Then you can tell anyone you like! With Venus recently emerged into Scorpio you are finding a more private energy creeping in. This energy is all about getting to grips with core realities about the self. Things like what you owe and what is owed to you, sexuality and intimacy, and your relationship to power. These are very intense energies Taurus, So be kind to yourself. The New Moon helps you come up with a plan, a budget, a game plan to deal with life-things. Do you!

Gemini-Someone else enters your universe, Gemini. Sometimes, the universe gifts us with like-minded souls who we just want to get our smooch-on with. And this is true for you now Gemini! Someone is getting under your skin, or more like into your heart. It may be someone quite different to your normal type. Which really continues a theme which your ruling planet , Mercury,  having with you.  Or if in an existing partnership, you may see a totally new side of your beloved. Don’t be scared , explore. That’s my advice.  They may be a little older too. Or from a totally different country. Have fun getting to know this new element in your love life.

Cancer-Work shifts gears, and your body acclimates, kind Cancer. It’s been business as per usual and by the end of the week you will become aware that you may be feeling a little crazed by all the flurry. But not to worry, your shell will protect. You have an inner warrior that will spring into action if needed. Moon movements affect you particularly powerfully, and this years eclipses have really pushed you to progress. And you have! Remember to pay attention to eating well, getting your 8 hours, and hydrate and you will be fine. The positive thing is that you get a clearer idea at this moon, of what you want from work in the future!

Leo-Time to have a little more fun Leo. Though knowing you, fun is no stranger. It’s a time where you can get into your playful role and let loose. This can become a very fruitful and fun time for dating, spending time with your kid/s, or even becoming aware of your kids starting new phases like going to college, getting a job. In other words, if you are a parent, you can be proud of where they are and this really helps you feel good about yourself too. Parenting is one of the most creative things a human can do. If single, unmarried, sans children, fear not! Then just turn up the fun times volume, and enjoy this time. There are fewer pressures, so enjoy when you can. The New Moon gifts us with something new in this area.

Virgo-A new home awaits your healing heart. Dear Virgo, your ruling planet Mercury was retrograde in September this year. Plans you attended to since after the retrograde, regarding going back to something – a job, a home, a relationship, seem to be picking up speed now. That’s because  Mercury is now in exciting-future-plans Sagittarius. Looking forward to new places, people and things. Your faith, on a spiritual level, may also have deepened over the last little while to help you get through. What’s in your future for this New Moon on Friday? Returning to your center. Getting in touch with your roots, plans to move house. These are all potentials. Just keep ahead with your to-do list and it will be full steam ahead by the Full Moon on Christmas day.

Libra– The business of busy-ness. Your communications sector is on fire. And I mean that in a neutral sense. It’s got a lot going on right now. You’ve recently had the good fortune of your ruling planet in your own sign and may be feeling quite committed , deepened and intimate where it comes to your relationship with yourself and others. You went through quite an active moment where people demanded a lot from you, and your social life was off-the-chain.  You are now, with this New Moon, being called to start making bigger steps , becoming bolder and broadening your mental horizons. Perhaps you are thinking of teaching, or being taught again through a short course. Plans like this will have much support! Go you.

Scorpio– Oo La La, All that hard work is literally starting to pay off. Scorpio. Your money is startling to flood in. You’ve been through the quintessential ringer. Pluto in Capricorn has been challenging mentally and in terms of your everyday journeying. You’ve been fascinated by power, control and the dynamics in the political world and how it affects you. So with all these daily realities infusing your mind, its no wonder you sometimes feel drained. So much going on right now globally! This New Moon connects your work with the rewards or payment received from such efforts. It may include a raise, a bonus or in some way opening up to larger amounts. Receive with grace. You deserve it!