Full Moon in Leo @ 3 Degrees

So the moon will come to a grand climax in Leo on the 23rd of January 2016. Lately our energies have been quite “other orientated” , selfless and maybe too giving with Neptune, Mercury and the Sun dancing together in the sky.

Our sense of our own goals has really started to demand more urgency. What do you want this time around? And how are you managing your expression of that desire? This post will suggest ways this could come about for you.

My disclaimer this week is to hold your horses where action is required, or where decisions are made. Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th and therefore has you generally doing more rethinking about various parts of your life. Think about it ,sure. Research, recommit, but it needs to stay within the mental realm until he goes direct

Here’s this weeks Full Moon cheat-sheet. Read for your rising sign and sun sign if you know it.

Capricorn- Intimacy

At this moment in time, Capricorn, it’s a powerful build up to a moment of great release, bonding, sharing, usually via some kind of catharsis. Finances can come from somewhere outside of your own. Help arrives. Accept the gifts of the universe and allow this support to move you forward. Whether it’s an intimate bond, a loan, or the release of some kind of shackle.


This week’s build up has you pondering and urgently desiring to find yourself within a relationship and the full moon brings YOU fully to life in relation to someone else. Allow others to really hear and see you. The real you. You will be surprised at the good reception and feedback.


Dear Pisces, you are no stranger to giving. This week will be about the awareness you get of how much you give of yourself. Where are your energies flowing , flooding even? Is this healthy? These are the kinds of questions which the full moon should answer. Work picks up and a health issue can come up for resolution.

Aries- Fun

Coming out of a period of crazy intensity, and perhaps because of it, social isolation, you may now desire this week to let your hair down and step into fun mode. What kind of fun do you want to have? Spend time with children, playing games and doing things which allow you to enjoy life again. This will open up a doorway to more joy down the line. Make time for it.


It’s all about family, home and your space this week , Dear Taurus, where things build to a crucial moment of self realisation. Who are you in relation to your family? Do you fit?Do they? What can you do to make your home reflect your tastes, and also how can you make your space a comfortable place. How can you allow others in your home to contribute to this?


Once more , you are very familiar with dealing with sudden influxes of data and activity. Find your voice among the flurry of details flying at you is your challenge this week. With your ruling planet retrograde, you have really been a bit of a double checking, second opinion kind of mindset. Rely on your powers of editing. Whether its your words, dreams, thoughts or communications in general.

Cancer-Earning Potential

What kinds of talents can you turn into lucrative streams of abundance , Cancer? How can you apply your unique self to a desire you have to earn more? Or earn your own worth in your own eyes? These are things on your mind. You may need to get to grips with your real talents, your life skills, and the actual application of these to a pressing concern or fun project.


It’s about you now, Leo. Your reality right now may include sudden surges of environmental changes, all around you things are moving very quickly and this may seem a little jarring for a stable sign such as yourself. Know that you become a better you through this process of movement. See this as an great opportunity to turn the attention to yourself. What kinds of openings are there now to really change? Investigate. Google.

Virgo-Self Care

Hey Virgo, with your ruling planet retrograde, you could be feeling all sorts of unsettled. The full moon should allow you to get in touch with your spiritual center again and therefore set off a phase of ease and wellbeing. But only if you take the time to turn inward, relax, contemplate, go to your sacred space etc. This full moon can allow you to understand what your true needs are and how valuable they are for your life process and happiness.


It’s business as usual this week for you Libra and group involvement can start to increase around the weekend. Are you in support of this gathering? Are you asserting yourself? How do you really feel about your friends and their thoughts? Big realisations can occur now. Libran energy is about sharing and relating, and your naturally are focused on this in your lifetime. The challenge is perhaps relating to larger groups? Your circle. Find confidence on a stage, speaking up and gathering information this week and weekend.


Something comes to a head in the career sector of your sky. And this means that your contribution to something , gets put under the spotlight. You get your 15 seconds and this can set up a nice chain reaction which allows you to move forward with greater ease. Your trajectory is lined up and with just a little self confidence, a sense of openness, childlike wonder and play you can get where you next need to be. Don’t doubt your dreams. They are as real as you are.


Sagittarius- Surveying

Your natural zone of adventuring, surveying and studying is being activated by this full Moon. And this means big breakthroughs for yourself. Your journey continues after a brief sojourn. You may encounter necessary delays as mercury is still retrograde. But after the 25th its full speed ahead but with a more mature understanding and a more grounded quest for that illusive purpose. Relax into your personal truth and follow it.


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