New Moon in Aquarius 8 February 2016


Here’s a quick look ahead for each sign (rising,sun or moon) for the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on February 8th 2016.

Scroll down for your sign:





Aquarius: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your first house of self and identity , the energy shifts to focus attention on YOU. Who you are gains some important attention now, and you may feel a sudden awakening of your spirit and energies. It’s a great time to freshen up something about yourself. Whether its a haircut, a new item of clothing that makes you shine or overall just a focus on matters of self and where that self is heading. It’s wonderful for asking yourself what your really want.

Pisces: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 12th house of self love and rest, the energy calls your attention to the ways you’ve been taking care of yourself and others. It’s very familiar energy , as the 12th house is your domain, Dear Pisces, and you may very well start a new project which can be seen as being behind the scenes, private or related to secrets of the inner self. It’s fantastic for rectifying your sleeping patterns, healing your body and generally look after yourself in the best way.

Aries: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 11th house of groups and friendship circle, the energy shifts to focus a beam of light on those you call your posse. People you identify with, and socialize with as well as bigger groups such as causes you support, companies you work with or for, and also your team at the office. This is wonderful energy for kick-starting team relating work, group projects, meetings, connecting and getting on the same page is the name of the game.

Taurus: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 10th house of career, reputation and public roles, the energy spotlights your part on your stage. Where you take front and center in some leadership capacity. It all comes down to how most people are seeing you, publicly speaking. It’s a wonderful energy for starting a new project which could catapult you to a higher rung of the ladder. This is the energy of achievements and recognition and so you could receive praise of attention for works you’ve done, a raise, or even a promotion.

Gemini: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 9th house of travel, study and beliefs, the energy awakens a fresh breeze of inspiration. This is a part of your chart where you broaden your horizons, physically, spiritually or mentally. It’s great for starting some kind of long course, a degree or even postgraduate studies. With this moon in fellow air sign Aquarius, you will surely feel very positive about the steps to come. Doors may swing open. You may consider your life from a whole new angle.

Cancer: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 8th house of intimacy, other peoples money and transformation, the energy sinks down to awaken deeper parts of your psyche and helps you look at your needs more closely. What supports you behind the scenes? This part of your chart is also about power dynamics, finances and intimate relationships. So you could become aware of something brand new awakening here, and all to serve your endeavors in the long run. It’s great for releasing stuck energy too.

Leo: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 7th house of relationships, relating,and partnerships, the energy focuses on the connection between you and your significant other(s). This is a part of your chart where you share your heart with someone, the ways in which you do this, and also rules your partner as well. So something could occur in their lives which has a direct effect on the partnership. Things like travelling for work, a new job, moving house, and more importantly and more likely brings relationship matters to the forefront. Great for getting on the same page and for moving forward together.

Virgo: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 6th house of work, routine and health, the energy shifts to a very familiar part of your chart. It’s all about work , the things you do on repeat which serves others, or is health related. So this energy opens up new pathways in terms of your working environment, exercise regimen or even diet.  You may conceive of new ways to take care of yourself or others, get a new job, or a new pair of cross trainers. Things which add to your daily routine also feature now.

Libra: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 5th house of fun, creativity and children , the energy shifts to awaken your spirit of play. This is a part of the sky where you express yourself naturally, innocently and with creative intentions. It’s great for going out with friends, feeling joy, enjoyment. It’s also wonderful for creative types who wish to start new projects or get the ball rolling with a new endeavor. This energy makes for exploration, ideas generation and realisation and even fun romantic things such as going on date.

Scorpio: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 4th house of home, family and roots, the energy pools together to ground and support you through those you consider family. You yourself may be called on to advise and support someone there. It’s also the type of energy which can signify a house move, decorating or even renovation projects and the New Moon opens up a portal for things to go your way in this regard. Another potential is the ability to go back to where you originate from, to regroup, meditate and reorientate yourself again.

Sagittarius: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 3rd house of communications, short distance or local travel, and your neighborhood, the energy shifts your attention to the here and now. You may be observing new surroundings soon, and encountering new people, places and things. You may feel like you are in information-gathering-mode. It’s a wonderful energy to short courses, learning neat skills, talking to interesting people and finding the information you need for your current endeavors. You can bump into people you haven’t seen in a while, or connect with completely new ones.

Capricorn: With the Sun and Moon meeting together in your 2nd house of earned income, talents, diet and things, the energy solidifies into things around you. It’s the type of energy that welcomes new ideas for generating income, honing a talent, trying a new kind of food or cutting something out of your existing diet. It’s a great energy for getting a new job with the intention of bringing in more for yourself. This part of your chart also rules your possessions and comforts and the things which make you feel secure. Expect boosts in this area, or changes which alter your material standing in some way. Very positive energy.


So there you have it guys. A quick look at the upcoming New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th.Enjoy!

Til Later,

The Kind Astrologer



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