Getting Your Point Across with the Moon in Aries

When the Moon spends it’s monthly 2.5 days in Aries it’s hard for us to  not try to get our own objectives met. 

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rules self-definition on principle.  Anything that comes from the connectedness of the universe,  comes forth to  distinguish and separate itself.   That’s why Aries has a reputation for being self willed,  goal orientated,  sometimes selfish and yet also  self aware.  The energy combined with lunar energy,  the moon,  magnifies our feelings about things.  Mostly about ourselves in relation to the world.  And that’s OK,  it’s only for two or so days.  It’s balancing. 

The pitfalls with this energy come from the discord between the element of water (Moon) and the element of fire (Aries).  Fiery water is active water,  it’s turbulent and can also be destructive but there is movement,  forceful movement.  So an Aries moon can simultaneously free us and rile us up.

Positive ways to use this energy are through conscious action,  inspired action,  using your feelings to take actions,  getting on the same page,  moving things around,  open communication regardless of outcomes. Truthfulness.  No filter.  Fear less,  do more.  Doing.  Projecting . Asserting.


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