Moon in Taurus


The Moon is moving against the backdrop of constellation of Taurus giving us a slow and steady approach  to things today.  There’s much emphasis on grounding,  getting comfortable and developing amiability and peace when it comes to our various stresses.

Our overarching desire right now is to make sense through the senses.  Connecting through touch,  food,  smell,  the beauty of vibration and sound and the subtle recognition of all the sublime aspects of our earthly experience.

Potentials for this energy are indulging in the following :

Good food
Good wine
Beautiful people,  friends
Sweet, sugary things.
Growing Something
Making Something
Desire to Sing
Nature as teacher,  signs from the nature Kingdom
Harmony and Symmetry

A Taurus moon makes us want to earth our desires,  make contact with real living things,  people,  places and feel good!

Abraham Hicks says “It is good to feel good”.

Til Laters,
The Kind Astrologer


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